The Diaspora Business Chamber presents: New Investment Perspectives in Homeland

Today the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber in Tirana held a meeting with partners, donors and stakeholders where it was presented the new initiative “New Investment Perspectives in Homeland.”

At this event there were present, the Honorary President of the Diaspora Business Chamber Mr. Lazim Destani, President of the Chamber Mr. Ardian Lekaj, Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Mrs. Artemis Malo, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection Mrs. Edona Bilali, Member of Parliament Mr. Lavdrim Krashi, Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Finance Mr. Eduard Shalsi, Deputy Mayor of Tirana Mr. Andi Seferi, Director of the Investment Council Mrs. Diana Leka, Mrs. Jonida Lamaj from the Albanian-American Foundation for Development, etc.

“Today I am delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you to this hybrid conference on ‘New Homeland Investment Perspectives’. At the beginning I would like to emphasize the value that the Albanian government is giving to our Diaspora today. The participation of the government here once again confirms this cooperation. Success stories in the diaspora are innumerable, they also serve as bridges, as excellent mediators and lobbyists for our country that I believe you read in the Diaspora Newspaper”, said the head of the Chamber of Commerce in his speech emphasizing that the social impact- economic and expectations of the Albanian Diaspora during this 3-year period have evolved rapidly and this requires from all new tools and even more effective ways of engagement.

Honorary President of the Chamber of Business Mr. Lazim Destani said that meetings like this, with a presence of the most relevant figures and personalities, can give the best for achieving our common goals, for new investments and for the economic development of the country. “Years are now passing when not only our people but the whole world is going through difficult periods one after another. Without having forgotten the pandemic and yet facing its consequences the whole world is feeling the blow that affected the global economy due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Being under these circumstances, the business community, especially the Diaspora businesses supported by the Government and in cooperation with other national and international Organizations, have more reasons to be more committed to preserve and develop the country’s economy as well as to find ways and opportunities for new investments. From this point of view, I see as very important the role and commitment of businesses in the Albanian Diaspora, emphasizing that their networking and mobilization through financial mechanisms constitute a solid basis for creating an all-Albanian unity”, underlined Mr. Destani.

Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Artemis Malo said: “As the diaspora may currently be reluctant to invest or expand business in their homeland, the potential exists and should be exploited, facilitating interaction, based on common interests between businesses in host countries and Albania. The transfer of knowledge is also important in this process, given the wide intellectual and technological range that the diaspora carries.”

While the Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection, Mrs. Edona Bilali said that: The Albanian Diaspora is an important factor in the development of Albania. Commitment brings added value not only to the financial flow but most importantly to the knowledge and exchange of experiences. Beyond the investments of our country, the Diaspora is the best promoter of the Albanian brands “Made in Albania” that seek regional expansion and not only. Diaspora has always been a factor in traditional business, but in recent years is playing an important role in strengthening the ecosystem of start-ups in Albania which was born in recent years.

The Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Finance, Eduard Shalsi, said, “In a few months, it has begun to be felt that in Albania a mechanism is now being managed by people from the diaspora who know what business is in the Diaspora.”

MP Lavdrim Krashi among other things said, “The contribution of Diaspora, both in the individual and economic aspect in the family, but also in general for the Albanian economy, is known by everyone. It is indeed a pleasure to develop such initiatives where the role of the Diaspora is valued and considered to strengthen it further.

The General Executive Director of the Financial Supervision Authority, Mr. Ervin Mete, focused on the opportunities and spaces created through new laws on capital markets and collective investment projects for the inclusion of Diaspora investments in Albania through new financial instruments.

At the end of the meeting the members of the advisory board of the Diaspora Chamber of Commerce Dr. Elisabeta Katiaj and Prof. Asc. Soana Japullari presented two ambitious projects: “Fly with the Eagle” and “Financial Instrument of the Diaspora”.

The main goal of the project “Fly with the Eagle” is to emphasize the importance of “Made in Albania” products, to promote these products and support the creation of a chain of values from production to market penetration, towards the Albanian consumer in the diaspora. As the Diaspora enterprise possesses the necessary capacity to increase domestic products through the strengthening of the Albanian Brand. At the same time, this initiative will have a positive impact on employment and income growth, contributing for sustainable economy.

While the second project “Financial Instrument of the Diaspora” aims to create financial logistics for the development of investments of the Albanian Diaspora in Albania, Northern Macedonia, Kosova, which is an instrument that will affect the increase of cooperation between Albanian enterprises worldwide.

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