The Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Business signed a cooperation agreement with Polis University

Today in Tirana, hosted by Polis University, it was held the Roundtable of Opinions with the Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Business. Within this activity, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Business and Polis University. In addition to the leaders of these two entities, there were also present professors and students, representatives of state and financial institutions, as well as leaders of international organizations.

This roundtable brought opinions and discussions on various topics related to the difficulties and problems encountered in the labor market today in Albania, such as the lack of qualified employees, certification issues, loss of staff, departure of professionals, etc. Therefore, the purpose of this meeting was to establish bridges of cooperation between business and education in order to create a suitable working environment that has the opportunity to stop the Brain Drain that the country is facing today.

Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Artemis Malo, said that her approach to this problem is not only political. “Today I am here not only as a politician but also as a pedagogue. Seeing the problems from a different perspective, I want to congratulate you for such initiatives, but especially for the feed back that we receive every year from this university”, she said.

Evaluating the work of the Business Chamber of the Albanian Diaspora so far, Mrs. Malo added that she greatly appreciates the fact that the entrepreneur Lazim Destani is the foremost authority of the Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Business. “I am grateful that today we have a dignified and integrity structure with which we can cooperate safely”, concluded Malo.

The Honorary President of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, Lazim Destani, in his speech emphasized that the Diaspora represents the most important human and financial capital for the development of our countries. “Since this part of our nation is so valuable, I think that all relevant factors should make unstoppable efforts to organize this great potential and make it as effective as possible for the development of our region. The financial potential or in general the good things that come from the Diaspora have always been very necessary, even vital, for Albanian families all over our lands. Unlike the past, today this potential is stronger than ever before, therefore, this capital must be motivated, stimulated, developed and channeled by the country’s institutions, as our region needs it more than ever. When I mention country’s institutions, I mean not only those of public and government but including also the academic teaching sector, so as to form that synergistic triangle between the business sector, the education sector and that of government and civil society”, said Destani.

While the president of the Business Chamber of the Albanian Diaspora, Ardian Lekaj, said that remittances, in the conditions of current economic developments, should be considered and treated as an essential category and resource for the country’s economy.

Under these conditions, specifically for the case of Albania, the Diaspora Chamber of Business comes with some concrete advice as follows;

1.Creation of a structured international initiative for the improvement of data on Remittances.
2.Fiscal advantages, for remittance service providers, in the service of reducing fees paid by senders and receivers.
3.Creation of the “Financial Instrument of the Diaspora”, as a tool to increase market competition in the Remittance industry.
4.Use of digital technology and advancement in an adequate and appropriate manner, based on risk assessment.
5.Channeling and transmission of Remittances into investments that guarantee social-economic development and decentralization of local development.

While the rector of Polis University, Besnik Aliaj, reemphasizing the business-education partnership brought the example of the French school of entrepreneurship. “We have a collaboration of more than 10 years with the prestigious French school of entrepreneurship, which is very interesting as it is a creation of the French Chambers of Business and Commerce. This school has helped us a lot to understand how entrepreneurship and business can be related to education and the nature of our school. Based on this, in Polis we also created the business school, which we do not want to remain dry and disconnected from society. Thereupon we have started a collaboration with various actors in society and in particular with the Diaspora Chamber of Business”, he said.

The Deputy Governor of the Bank of Albania, Luljeta Minxhozi, said that since 2021 the country has started with concrete legal steps to help immigrants. “1/3 of Albanian families receive remittances today. Since April of this year, we have introduced the concept of MTO, for Euro transfers”, said Minxhozi.

While MP Lavdrim Krashi, being part of this discussion table, emphasized that there are three pillars where strategies for remittances can be implemented: Trade, investments and the transfer of knowledge and skills.

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