Lazim Destani supports the publication of the book, Demography of Kosova

The book “Demography of Kosova” written by the Academician Hivzi Islami was promoted today at the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosova. The publication of this scientific work was financed by the philanthropist Lazim Destani.

Academician Hivzi Islami’s book, “Demography of Kosova – Population Evolution, Migration, Serbian Expansionary Geopolitics and Ethnic Cleansing of Albanians” was promoted in front of an audience of academics, scholars and book lovers, at the environments of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosova, on February 4, 2021.

The Secretary of the Social Sciences Section, Academician Justina Shiroka-Pula, the book reviewers Isa Mustafa and Academician Anton Berishaj, as well as the author’s scientific fellow worker, prof. Arsim Ejupi. While on behalf of Mr. Lazim Destani, this promotional event was greeted by Mrs. Pranvera Kasami.

The speakers highly praised the book, describing it as a colossal work for clarifying, identifying, analyzing, interpreting and presenting the results regarding the situation, trends and factors that have driven demographic change in Kosova.

Justina Shiroka-Pula, while thanking the philanthropist Lazim Destani for financing the book, pointed out that through scientific, modern and professional approach the author has brought innovation in the field of demography.

Academician Anton Berishaj said that the author has done a great job in the field of demography. “The author, Hivzi Islami, has done a great job in clarifying, identifying, analyzing, interpreting and presenting demographic trends related to the situation, trends, changes, factors that drive them and the perspective of the course of these processes in Kosova”, Said Berishaj.

In his speech, Academician Isa Mustafa said, “I’ve highly appreciated the content, scientific and historical basis, the methodology used and the chronology of the conclusions of this publication. The publication ‘Demography of Kosova’, presents multidimensional aspects of population study, related to the economy and development, addressing this at the global level, in terms of the UN approach but also in terms of demographic transition in Europe.”

While Pranvera Kasami in her speech greeted the audience on behalf of Mr. Lazim Destani, by brinking his highest evaluations for this scientific work. She said, “Let me bring you the heartfelt greetings of Mr. Lazim Destani who could not have the opportunity to personaly participate at the promotion of this very valuable book. As supporters, we eagerly awaited the publication of this work that will surely serve many generations to come, students, scholars and researchers in various fields from home and abroad.”

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