Lazim Destani, online meeting with the Association of Albanian Doctors in Germany

Albanian doctors around the world are closer than ever to their homeland during the pandemic. They are always ready to give their professional opinion by explaining what is happening, to calm the anxiety of Albanians in quarantine and giving valuable advice for everyone’s life.

The Association of Albanian Doctors in Germany was the first entity to offer their help to Albanians living in Germany, and then, thanks to virtual communication opportunities, they managed to help every Albanian who wrote them and asked for their help.

All this doctors’ experience in relation to the homeland became the reason for organizing an online session to learn more about how they can return and contribute to their country.

Among the guests who took part at this virtual meeting were Mr. Lazim Destani, businessman and member of Diaspora Coordination Council (DCC), Mrs. Olinga Rafat, National Coordinator of the program “Migration and Diaspora”, Dr. Marsela Ceno, President of the Association of Albanian Doctors in Germany and Dr. Altin Veshti, a surgeon who has returned to Albania after 20 years of experience in several countries around the world.

Mrs. Olinga Rafat presented the program “Migration and Diaspora”, explaining the concrete opportunities that this program offers for Albanian professionals who want to return to their homeland.

Mr. Lazim Destani firstly congratulated the doctors for the work they do and in particular for their activities around the Association of Albanian Doctors in Germany. “It is a pleasure to participate in this online information meeting organized by the Association of Albanian Doctors in Germany. As a member of the Diaspora Coordination Council, he continuously and with special interest follows the activities of our diaspora. I, as well as all members of the DCC, are very committed to these activities for the benefit of the diaspora and our countries. Therefore, this information session is useful for all members of our diaspora who want to return to their homeland and with their experience to contribute as experts in various fields. This initiative, which is discussing the real possibilities of cooperation with the health system in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia, is also to be welcomed and supported. On this occasion, I thank all the doctors in the Diaspora and the doctors in our countries who gave and are giving a great contribution in this pandemic period “, he said.

As a member of the Diaspora Coordination Council, Mr. Destani invited Albanian doctors in Germany to support the petition launched by the DCC, – to provide all Albanian citizens residing outside the territory of the Republic of Albania with the right to vote from the countries they reside.

The head of the Association, Dr. Marsela Ceno, said that this meeting is the first step towards a new path. “The next step is to draft concrete cooperation projects. Assistance is possible in two forms, individually but also as an Association. It is valuable if the Ministry of Health has the desire for cooperation. We need a detailed reflection of the concrete situation in order to be well-informed, to know what awaits us and where we can give our help, where it is really needed,” she said.

Dr. Altin Veshti, a surgeon in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, after 20 years of experience abroad, has recently returned to Albania where he has become part of the Health Care System. Dr. Veshti was focused on the difficulties the doctors face in domestic hospitals after their experience in western countries. “The first problem we face is the lack of equipment or what we find are not in good condition,” he said. According to him, the return of doctors to their homeland, as well as other professionals, should be done through institutions. “The Ministry of Health should conduct a survey to understand what specializations are needed. “So that anyone who wants to come from abroad is clear about what he can find here,” he concluded.

According to unofficial data, so far over 3 thousand doctors have left Albania to practice their profession in Europe, of which about a thousand are in Germany.

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