Lazim Destani: I do not aim the politics, my priorities are Diaspora and economic development

Well-known philanthropist and member of Diaspora Coordinating Council, Lazim Destani, has disproved rumors that he may run for prime minister in North Macedonia in the July elections.

The statement of the head of “Ecolog International” ensues the media news in North Macedonia and Kosovo describing Destani as a possible candidate in the upcoming elections in North Macedonia. Headlines like “Lazim Destani will be the Albanian Prime Minister of Macedonia”, “Why Zaev is afraid of Lazim Destani”, or others alike, were seen in the local media recently.

Through a post on his social networks, philanthropist and businessman from Tetovo, Lazim Destani, has clarified that in addition to business, his commitment remain in the field of philanthropy, Diaspora issues and the economic development of Albanian territories. Wishing success to the competing parties in Northern Macedonia, Destani affirmed that he has no ambition or plan to be engaged in politics.

Recent news, especially in the Macedonian media, have been accompanied by hundreds or thousands of comments from voters of both ethnicities, Albanian and Macedonian, welcoming the candidacy of Lazim Destani as head of the next government. And this is because North Macedonia needs a person like him that would bring economic recovery to the country.

Full post:

On the Eve of Parliamentary Elections in the Republic of North Macedonia, I extend my wishes to all competing entities for a dignified campaign as well as fair and democratic elections.

On this occasion, since these days my name is being mentioned in the media as a candidate for the position of Prime Minister, I want to clarify the whole opinion that, in addition to business, I remain committed to the field of philanthropy and to my roles as part of the organizational structures of our diaspora. The engagement in the political life has never been in my plans and ambitions. My contribution remains in the realm of economic development through ventures in business as I have done through all my career.

I wish these elections bring a government to best serve the country and all citizens.

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