Lazim Destani discusses Stable economic Development for Albania at the Second Summit of Albanian Diaspora

With Albania having one of the largest diaspora living outside of its borders, the Second Summit of the Albanian Diaspora was held in Tirana from 28 February until 2 March 2019. Philanthropist Lazim Destani was in attendance for the summit’s opening ceremony which saw dignitaries from state authorities coming from Albania, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia in attendance. There was also strong representation from the business community both local and from the diaspora at the signature event. Lazim Destani as the Albanian German representative delivered an opening speech at the summit. The businessman and philanthropist opened his speech by highlighting his respect and support  of the event.

“My motto has always been that we are stronger together. Today’s times call for a collective approach that uses our potential and expresses our values. More importantly, what brings us together here today is our love for our country. Today, more than ever, our homeland needs us. Let us garner our talent, ideas,  business acumen and artistic integrity to realize our positive vision for Albania”.

 Mr. Destani further emphasized that partisan politics should play a secondary role in the economic affairs of the country. “I highly value the entire political spectrum in Albania and in our region. However, but when the economic development is in question, I am convinced that political and party interests need be side stepped, ” noted the philanthropist.

The opening was followed by four parallel panel discussions that concentrated  on various topics. Upon the invitation from Anila Denaj, the Albanian Finance and Economy Minister, Mr. Destani participated in the panel that discussed “Stable Economic Development”. Six panel participants developed critical analyses and discussions for finding better ways for economic development of the region. Mr. Destani appealed to politicians to pay special attention to this issue when it came to security of investments for the diaspora. “It is a well-known fact that a country’s economy is tightly interwoven with its politics and security. Therefore, I  appeal to the politicians of our lands to pay special attention to this aspect”. Destani summarized his remarks at the panel by expressing his hopes for the Summit to be an active forum where healthy state policies originate with the influence of the diaspora in mind.




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