Outreach and philanthropy

Lazim Destani’s engagement activities in the region and abroad are varied, but he has a special passion for education, sport and culture.



Lazim Destani is deeply passionate about education and has played a vital role supporting Albanian higher education in Macedonia.

He was, for example, one of the main advocates for the opening of a university in the Albanian language, the University of Tetovo.

Through his activities as a businessman and now as a philanthropist, Lazim Destani also continuously supports Albanian education, and educational projects more widely in the countries in which his family’s businesses operate.

He is also an active participant in various scientific conferences and educational forums in both Macedonia and abroad.


The professional journey of Lazim Destani has always been accompanied by a love for and dedication to sport. He believes sport is an important pillar of society, and he greatly values the way that sport can present the different facets of a nation.

He displays his love for sport in various forms. He supports various sports associations, including his favourite football club and fellow citizens, FC Shkëndija – the Tetovo club with a worthy history and loving followers, not just from Tetovo, but from across the whole region.


Lazim Destani is proud of Albanian culture and believes in encouraging that pride in Albanian communities in the region and around the world.

He believes in the importance of supporting new talent and programmes that celebrate Albanian heritage and help to strengthen Albanian identity. He has supported various local and national artists, artistic associations exhibitions and cultural organisations in the region.

Lazim Destani has a personal passion for art and poetry. Creativity also runs through his family, and his youngest son was encouraged from a young age to pursue his dream of being an actor.