Electoral Assembly of the Albanian League of the World in Zagreb, Croatia

Lazim Destani, at the invitation of the Albanian League of the World, participated in the Electoral Assembly of the League in Zagreb, Croatia. There he met the brothers Mikel and Simon Kuzhnini as well as other leaders of the organization. Present too were others from the Albanian community, from Croatia, Germany and other European countries, as well as the former President of Croatia, Stipe Mesic.

During the event, the League underlined the achievements of the association over the last decades. It emphasized its important role in the promotion of ethno-cultural identity by implementing many projects focussed on Albanian integration. Particularly emphasized was the role of the League in strengthening Diaspora links with ethnic lands, especially the representation of the interests of Diaspora Albanians in origin country state institutions.

While former Croatian President Stipe Mesic said that Albanians everywhere should take the European path, he also emphasizing that they should standardize and approximate as many laws between their countries as possible in order to function as a single entity, albeit across different states.

Lazim Destani in his greeting speech congratulated the leaders of the League, wishing them every success in the future. He also expressed his gratitude for the friendliness of the Croatian people, in particular Stipe Mesic for his important role in the Albanian cause.

“We must never stop contributing to the national cause, because this is the only way for us, as a nation, to develop and achieve unity. We should not just look at Europe, but we must continually work to make our lands ‘European’ – that is the only way towards unification”, said Mr Destani at the closing of the greeting speech.

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