Census in North Macedonia / Lazim Destani calls on diaspora to register

Нема опис за фотографијата.

Lazim Destani calls on citizens of North Macedonia living abroad to register as soon as possible, as the process ends on April 21st.

i calls on citizens of North Macedonia living abroad to register as soon as possible, as the process ends on April 21st.

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“Appeal to emigrants from North Macedonia, DO REGISTER!

Dear members of our diaspora, citizens of Northern Macedonia, through this appeal I am addressing you to emphasize and bring back to everyone’s attention the extraordinary weight of the registration act as this is not only a civic act but it is also a patriotic act, therefore, DO REGISTER!

As a member of our Diaspora Coordinating Council, I call on all you abroad, wherever you are situated with your activities around the world.

As you know, after the last census realised two decades ago, the census in Republic of North Macedonia started on March 1, and it ends on April 21.

As we have always been active and ready to defend and advance our national cause, let us be attentive even now at this historic moment, when each of us, by taking care of our family and property, will prove that we know how to keep what belongs to us in our common house.

The census is indeed a statistical act, but based on the legal and constitutional system that North Macedonia has, the census is much more than just a statistic. According to this system, the results of the census determine the legal-constitutional basis for everything that belongs to us as an ethnicity in this country.

This is the link of the application published by the State Statistical Office where you have to register yourself, by filling the online form according to the instructions given:


Register as soon as possible without wasting time, and also spread the information to your relatives and friends who may be uninformed! ”

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