Aspen Southeast Europe Foreign Ministers’ Conference

Lazim Destani attended an event organized by the ASPEN Institute in cooperation with the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Czech Embassy in Berlin.

Part of the event was attended by the German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, Lubomir Zaoralek, Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati, and foreign ministers from other Western Balkan countries. Many business representatives also attended.

The first panel discussion emphasized how the Western Balkan countries needed the support of the European Union through investment in infrastructure. Germany and other European countries were encouraged to invest in the region, and Deutsche Telekom was mentioned as a positive example of Balkans investment.

The availability of free economic zones was also mentioned as a way to attract investors. According to the panellists, during several years of free economic zones, more than 2.5 milliard euros had been invested in the Western Balkans.

During the second part of the meeting, German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, gave a general overview of the support that Germany and the European Union give to the Western Balkans in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration.

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